A Membership Program

Where the proverbial Black Sheep of the world can come
together and find community, support, and relief.

Launching later this year, Annie will be launching a membership program to share her best and most effective information, action steps, and resources (not to mention a community of others who actually get it!) to help you navigate difficult family systems whether it’s the one you were born into, the one you marry into, or both. Programming and benefits will include:


Learn how and why – yes, really! – your family-of-origin (or the one you married into) acts like they do, and what choices may be available to you given who they are;


Discover and take action on the steps you may need or want to take and the supports you may need to curate in order to protect, heal, and nurture yourself given your family situation;


Find support and solace from others who know what you’re going through, who have lived through it, too, and who can validate your experience;


Vision and work towards a healthy, functional, thriving life for you, your partner and your kids if you choose to have them no matter what kind of family you come from.

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