Happy New Year!

I hope that you’re having an absolutely wonderful start to 2019 so far.

I can’t help but wonder, are you, like so many of us, working on your goals and plans for the year? Setting intentions, making resolutions, getting clearer on what you want to make of your life this year?

If so, I want to add one more tool to your toolbox for contemplating what your goals and visioning may entail: dream interpretation.

I know, I know, this may seem a little far-fetched but, as a therapist, I believe that dreams are portals and entryways to our psyches and that some of the richest, most valuable information we need about situations in our waking lives can be found by exploring the content of our dreams.

The bottom line: dreams are *always* trying to tell us something if only we can unlock their messages…

So today, I want to share this older post of mine with you and give you some practical, actionable information to begin unfolding your own dreams. Regardless of whether you use them to inform any new year goal setting you do, I think it could be very interesting for you to explore this tool further.

Join me to keep reading this latest letter from the archive.

Warmly, Annie

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