A Little Guide To Soulful Annual Planning: 2020

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The ultimate right brain/left brain annual goal planner. Designed by a licensed psychotherapist who also happens to be a successful entrepreneur and former nonprofit executive, this planner harnesses the right and left side of your brain by combining soulful, deep personal inquiry with a solid, signature downloadable tool and step-by-step instructions for how to make your most authentic dreams and goals a practical, actionable reality week by week in 2020.


2 reviews for A Little Guide To Soulful Annual Planning: 2020

  1. Orin

    What I appreciated the most is that this book actually contains a tool to help break down big goals into manageable projects that I can map out across the year. The tool was a little overwhelming at first but I think that’s because I’m not much of a planner! If I can use it consistently, I think it’ll be a game changer.

  2. Hannah

    I bought this last year in 2017 and did probably about 80% of the workbook to help me set my 2018 goals. I kind of wish I had done 100% of the questions because it ended up being a really effective tool for me. There were a couple times I slacked off in terms of sticking to the planning tool (forgot to update it and look at it as regularly as I could), but still the combination of reflective questions and the spreadsheet helped me achieve more last year than I have in a long time. I’m definitely going to use it again this year but I’ll be sure to do 100% of the questions this time and probably make time to check and update the planner at least for a few minutes each week. It’s a really effective yearly planning tool for someone who doesn’t like planning that much. 🙂

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