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I’m a featured expert for multiple well-known publications on all subjects mental health and wellness-related. Please explore my articles below and feel free to contact me if you need an opinion or quote for your next article.


AUTOSTRADDLE: “Unlearning Shame, Relearning Pleasure: Resources on Healing From Purity Culture.”

BUSTLE: What Do You Mean I Can’t Cry Anymore?”

THE MIGHTY: “What You Wish Your Mother Would Say to You When Life Is Tough”

THE MIGHTY: “A List of 15 Concrete Ways to Re-Mother Yourself”

BUSTLE: “How To Be There For A Mom Who’s Lost A Child On Mother’s Day”

YAHOO: “5 Healing Tasks for Anyone Who Was Under-Parented”

THE MIGHTY: “Tips From a Therapist If You Struggle With Self-Criticism”

THE MIGHTY: “How ‘Creatively Reorganizing’ Your Life Can Be Healing”

THE MIGHTY: “Why I Recommend Taking Things Slowly if You’ve Experienced Relational Trauma”

BUSTLE: “20 Signs You’re With The Right Person”

DR. NAE’S TALKING BAR: “Hard Families, Good Boundaries with Psychotherapist Annie Wright”


YAHOO: “Finding Light at the End of the Tunnel With Postpartum Depression”

AWARENESS ACT: “Gaslighting Victims Into Forgiving Their Abusers”

INC.: “5 Signs You Need to Work on Setting Boundaries, According to a Psychotherapist”

THE MIGHTY: “How To Take Care Of Yourself If The Holidays Trigger Your C-PTSD”

VOICE OF ISLAM | DRIVE TIME PODCAST: “Trust: Misplaced Responsibility?”

THE MIGHTY: “10 Things Being a Therapist Has Taught Me About Being Human”

THE MIGHTY: “3 Essential Truths About Making Life’s Big Choices”

THE MIGHTY: “What to Do If You’re Fantasizing Your Life Would Just Stop”

THE MIGHTY: “If You Feel Trapped in Self-Destructive Behaviors, Please Know This”

THE MIGHTY: “20 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years as a Therapist”

THE MIGHTY: “What It Can Feel Like to Live With Constant Depression”

THE MIGHTY: “4 Ways to Identify (and Challenge) Maladaptive Thoughts”

THE MIGHTY: “A Therapist’s Note to You If Life Feels Impossible Right Now”

THE MIGHTY: “How to Move Forward as an Adult If You Were Robbed of Your Childhood”

THE MIGHTY: “A Therapist’s Guide to Stop Thinking You ‘Should’ Be Somewhere Else in Life”

YAHOO: “How We Can Use the Lessons of COVID-19 to Make the World Better”

THE MIGHTY: “5 Healing Tasks for Anyone Who Was Under-Parented”

THE MIGHTY: “A Therapist’s 3-Ingredient ‘Cure’ to Feeling Overwhelmed”

BUSTLE: “What To Do If You’re Having A Hard Time Being Vulnerable In A Relationship”

YAHOO FINANCE: “What a Therapist Wants You to Know If You’re Struggling With Trauma During COVID-19”

THE ZOE REPORT: “Easy-To-Implement Self-Care Tips Mental Health Professionals Swear By”

THE CREATIVE SUPERHEROES PODCAST: “Anxiety, Trauma and Lowering The Bar in the Time of Covid with Annie Wright, LMFT”

THE MIGHTY: “What a Therapist Wants You to Know If You’re Struggling With Trauma During COVID-19”

THE MIGHTY: “How to Talk to Children About Work, Money and School During the Coronavirus Pandemic”

THE MIGHTY: “From Me to You, Here’s a COVID-19 Mental Health Care Package”

MIC: “How to Make Online Therapy Feel More Like the Real Thing”

SYNCHRONY BANK: “Talking to Your Kids About Money Right Now”

BROGLIEBLOG: “How to Manage Your Anxiety Around the Coronavirus”

THE MIGHTY: “7 Things to Do If Social Distancing Is Triggering Your Depression”

THE HEALTHY: “7 Silent Signs of High-Functioning Anxiety”



THE ODYSSEY: “For Every Woman Who Has Been Told They Are Too Much”

EXTRA EXTRA POST: “What You Need to Find Closure”

XO NECOLE: “10 Habits Of Successful Creatives”

BUSTLE: “Why Can’t I Cry? Experts Explain the Science”

MIC: “Can Social Media Benefit Relationships?”

HEALTHLINE: “Obsessed with Astrology? Watch Out for Spiritual Bypassing”

WP ELEVATION PODCAST: “Annie Wright’s Tips for Using Neuroplasticity to Overcome Imposter Syndrome”

THE MIGHTY: “How to Have Boundaries with Someone Who Doesn’t Respect Your Boundaries”

WOMAN WORRIERS PODCAST: “Unbinding Family Ties”

BUSTLE: “How to Deal with an Unexpected Life Change, According to Psychologists”

BUSTLE: “What Crying at Work Says About You & America’s Work Culture, According to Experts”

BUSTLE: “12 New Mother’s Day Traditions To Start In 2019”

THE MIGHTY: “The ‘Unsexy’ Self-Care We Truly Need”

ANXIETY RESOURCE CENTER: “Life With “High-Functioning Anxiety”: Can You Relate?”

THE MIGHTY: “7 Pieces of Relationship Advice a Couples Counselor Wants You to Know”

HUFFINGTON POST: “How To Navigate The Holidays When You’re Estranged From Family”



THE MIGHTY: “Is It Okay To Give Your Therapist A Gift For The Holidays?”

YAHOO LIFESTYLE: “Is It Okay To Give Your Therapist A Gift For The Holidays?”

BUSTLE: “11 Subtle Questions To Ask Your Partner If You’re Worried They’re Falling Out Of Love”

THE MIGHTY: “How to have boundaries with someone who doesn’t respect your boundaries.”

THE MIGHTY: “Quiz: Should you go home for the holidays?”

YAHOO LIFESTYLE: “7 Psychological Impacts of Surviving Childhood Trauma”

THE MIGHTY: “Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Parts Unknown’ Will Return for One Last Season and a Final Tribute”

THE MIGHTY: “Childhood Trauma Symptoms”

THE MIGHTY: “JoJo Has Named Her Depression ‘Burlinda’ And It’s Helping Her Cope”

BUSTLE: “7 Hacks For Feeling Less Lonely When Spending Time Alone.”

BUSTLE: “9 Signs You Have High Functioning Depression, Because It Can Look Different To How You’d Imagine.”

BUSTLE: “7 Work Habits That Could Be A Sign Of High Functioning Anxiety”

NYLON: “Why It Feels So Good To Chop Off All Your Hair When The World Feels Crazy”

BUSTLE: “7 Unexpected Ways Loneliness Affects Your Health”

BUSTLE: “7 Signs You’re With The Right Person Even Though You Have Second Thoughts”

HEALTHYWAY: “Setting Boundaries With Your Partner, Friends, And Family Will Change Your Life”

THRIVEWORKS: “Should I start therapy? 10 signs it might be time to see a therapist.”

THE MIGHTY: “What To Remember If You’ve Been Impacted By Celebrity Suicides This Week.”

BUSTLE: “11 Signs You Have A Panic Disorder”

NBC: “What to Do (And Carry with You) to Cope with a Panic Attack”

NYLON: “Here’s What To Know Before Going To Therapy For The First Time”

BUSTLE: “How To Make Friends When You Move To A New Place As An Adult”

BUSTLE: “4 Ways Relationships Change Over Time That Are Nothing To Worry About — And 3 That Are”

THE MIGHTY: “How to Survive Mother’s Day If Your Mother Was (or Still Is) Emotionally Abusive”

HELLO GIGGLES: “5 Things You Should Text on Monther’s Day to A Friend Who Has a Difficult (or Nonexistent) Relationship with Her Mom”

PSYCHOLOGY TODAY: “15 Signs You’re an Introvert With High-Functioning Anxiety”

MAKE IT BETTER: “How to Cope (or Help a Grieving Friend) on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day After The Loss of A Parent”

THE MIGHTY: “For Mental Health Month, We’re Challenging You to Embrace Your Needs”

READER’S DIGEST: “12 Proven Ways to Boost Your Body Image in 10 Minutes or Less”

INTROVERT, DEAR: “15 Signs That You’re An Introvert With High-Functioning Anxiety”

BUSTLE: “What To Do If You’re Having A Hard Time Being Vulnerable In A Relationship”

NBC: “How To Make Friends As An Adult”

BUSTLE: “7 Subtle Physical Differences Between Chronic Anxiety And Nervousness”

BUSTLE: “How To Tell When Your Affection Is Turning Your Partner Off”

BUSTLE: “7 Signs Your Dependence On Your Partner Is Slowly Pushing Them Away”

HUFFINGTON POST: “13 Useful, Expert-Backed Tips For Dealing With Social Anxiety”

BUZZFEED: “Is Celebrating Valentine’s Day Important?”

YOUR TANGO: “The Life-After-Divorce Checklist You Need If You Want To Find Happiness On Your Own”

THE MIGHTY: “February’s My Mighty Month Challenge Is About Cultivating Self-Love”

BUSTLE: “11 Activites All Grown-Ass Couples Do Together”

READER’S DIGEST: “7 Silent Signs of High Functioning Anxiety”

BUSTLE: “11 Signs Your Partner Needs More Space Even, If They Haven’t Said It”

STYLECASTER: “How to Cope When Everyone Is Getting Engaged and You’re Still Single”

TECH FEATURED: “This Is What Relationship Experts Had To Say About Valentine’s Day”

SHE KNOWS: “How to Tell a Friend You’re Concerned About Their Relationship”



REDBOOK MAGAZINE: “21 Relationship Resolutions to Make in the New Year”

MAMAMIA: “This is what it feels like to have high-functioning anxiety.”

HELLODIVORCE: “Designing a Self Care Plan (That You’ll Actually Follow)”

HELLODIVORCE: “The Good Friend’s Guide to Divorce”

HELLODIVORCE: “Is Your Style of Communication Getting in the Way of Your Relationships?”

SHEKNOWS: “How to Cope When Everyone Else is Getting Engaged and You’re Still Single”

BUSTLE: “15 Fascinating Things You Have Probably Never Asked Your Long-Term Partner, But Should”

MIC: “What ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Gets Right About Mental Illness and Borderline Personality Disorder”

SHEKNOWS: “The Mental Health Impact of Sarahah”

THE SORTA AWESOME PODCAST: “Boundaries for the holidays: Sane solutions for difficult dynamics”

TALKSPACE: “What is High-Functioning Depression”

POPSUGAR: “4 Major Benefits of Sleeping in a Different Bed Than Your Significant Other”

THE SORTA AWESOME PODCAST: “Smash the lies, discover the awesome!”

REFINERY 29: “Jealous of your friends? Why that could actually be a good thing?”

SCARY MOMMY: “11 Signs You Might Be Experiencing High-Functioning Depression (Yes, It’s a Real Thing).”

THE LIST: “Signs you may have an anxiety disorder.”

THOUGHT CATALOG: “101 Self-Care Suggestions For When It All Feels Like Too Much.”

MYDOMAINE: “Therapists Agree: Doing This Before Marriage Could Save Your Relationship.”

GOTTMAN BLOG: “February 2017″

THRILLIST: “18 Therapists Reveal Their Secret to Happiness”



BUSTLE: “11 Surprising Habits You Don’t Realize Make You A Bad Friend.”

BUSTLE: “11 Things You Should Stop Doing For Your Partner If You Want A Healthier Relationship.”

BRIT + CO: “Emotional Vampires: Spot Them & Survive Them.”

THE MIGHTY: “10 Tips from a Psychotherapist to Help Combat ‘the Winter Blues.”

THE MIGHTY: “Take The Mighty’s My Mighty Month 30-Day Journaling Challenge.”

FORBES:How To Talk About Trump’s Bigoted Rhetoric At Thanksgiving.”

BUSTLE: “7 Products To Boost Happiness That Therapists Tell Their Friends About.”

UPWORTHY:7 small things you can do right now to feel better after the 2016 election results.

UPWORTHY:What a therapist wants you to know about repairing America after this election.

THE MIGHTY:99 Uplifting Quotes to Spark Your Soul and See You Through Hard Times.

THE MIGHTY: “10 Tips From a Therapist for Supporting Mental Health.

THE MIGHTY:If You’re Going Through a Tough Time, Remember: Yes, You Do Get to Grieve That.

THE MIGHTY:55 Inspiring Body Positive Quotes and Resources.

THE MIGHTY: What You’ve Learned About Feelings May Be Wrong.

UPWORTHY:11 small ways to feel less helpless this week, from a trained therapist.

UPWORTHY:101 ways to take care of yourself when the world feels overwhelming.

THE MIGHTY:5 Important Reminders for Anyone Who Has Depression.

THE MIGHTY:A Pep Talk for Those Times You Are Struggling.

THE MIGHTY:If Father’s Day Feels Hard for You, Read This.

THE MIGHTY:How to Take Good Care of Yourself When Mother’s Day Is Hard.

THE MIGHTY:My 4 Favorite Tools for Managing Anxiety.

THE MIGHTY:What Tools Do You Have in Your Emotional First-Aid Kit?

THE MIGHTY:15 Books for People on Healing Journeys, Recommended by a Psychotherapist.

THE MIGHTY:If You’re Struggling, Remember: Adulting’s Not Always Easy, Humaning Can Be Hard.

THE MIGHTY:101 Self-Care Suggestions for When It All Feels Like Too Much.

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