This month, I returned to work full-time after several months of maternity leave with my newborn daughter.

It was a beautiful (and challenging!) time as any new parent on the planet will tell you.

It was a time of endless feedings, endless diaper changes, endless cuddles and sweet moments of bonding, and beginning to read lots and lots of children’s books to my little girl, many of which I’ve held onto since my own childhood.

Reading to her has been and will likely continue to be a great joy of mine and it will be a gift to see how she develops her own relationship with reading and with books as she grows.

I’m particularly curious which books will become her stalwarts, her pen and paper cornerstones, the stories that stick with her for the rest of her life.

Because it’s these stories which I imagine she will be able to return to as an adult when she’s feeling stuck or uninspired to retrieve clues about what mattered to her in her younger days.

I truly believe that the stories we loved as children – whether stories from books, movies, or orally told to us by someone – contain clues for our soul and when we revisit these stories, we can gain important information that we can apply in our adult lives.

And today’s blog post is all about this subject and contains a list of inquiries to help you recall and perhaps utilize the information you re-discover in the books you particularly loved as a child.

Join me here to keep reading.

Warmly, Annie

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Would you like a guide to navigating these unprecedented times?

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