Valentine’s Day is only 11 days away and perhaps, like so many of us, the topic of relationship is on your mind: whether or not you want to be in a relationship, how to find a relationship, how to nurture and keep a relationship strong and healthy, the mystery of relationship and why it sometimes feels like so much work… etc.

You’re not alone in contemplating these questions – particularly the question of how to nurture and keep a relationship strong and healthy – which is why today I want to share one of my archived blog posts with you, “A Care Package For Your Relationship.

This article shares my opinion about the reality of being in a relationship and offers practical and actionable tools to help you nurture and strengthen the relationship you’re in. Be sure to read through until the end to find the list of additional resources I recommend to support you with this!

So please join me in reading this latest letter from the archive while on maternity leave posts.

Warmly, Annie

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