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Annie first captured my attention in her work about complex relational trauma. From this work, I began to realize the many maladaptive thoughts and beliefs I’ve been carrying throughout my life and the problems they were causing me. I’ve continued to follow Annie’s work as she offers realistic suggestions about how to heal through relationship, which has encouraged me to deepen my work with my therapist.


You have given me encouragement that I’m on the right path towards a more healthy state of mind. Everyone needs to practice good boundaries!

Wadesboro, NC

I’ve been positively impacted by Annie’s teachings on boundaries in that I am now mindful of my boundaries and am now more comfortable enforcing my boundaries and leaving a situation once I feel they have been compromised. I am also much more comfortable keeping my parents at arm’s length since the only thing they ever seem to do is speak harshly and critically about the way I live my life. I also find myself staying neutral and non-committal when they start with the guilt trips about not seeing them more, being more involved in the day to day workings of their lives, etc.. It’s very hard to be around them without feeling traumatized and spiraling into a depression. I’ve come to learn boundaries are super important!

One thing I appreciate about Annie’s work is her tone. I never feel like I’m being preached to, lectured, or blamed. Other therapists that I’ve had have taken a harsher tone with me, and I found that I was less willing to open up to them and less willing to share my true feelings because I was afraid of being blamed for my emotions or having my feelings dismissed. I really like how Annie approaches topics in a gentle and friendly way.

Roseville, MN

I feel really validated by your work, as someone seeking to break the cycle of family dysfunction and shame. Understanding how even a childhood without intentional abuse, with a parent who themselves was traumatised, can lead to depression and self doubt, has helped me enormously. There are lots of resources available about this, but you seem to really understand it, I trust your take on it!


As a therapist myself, Annie’s work is my go-to resource for my clients with complex relational trauma. I can’t count the number of times I have assigned a client the homework of, “read Annie Wright’s blog”. Without fail, after reading Annie’s writings, my clients report back feeling seen, understood, and hopeful. It’s as though a lightbulb goes off for them. My clients seem to have a sense of relief; they can now understand why they are the way they are in relationships and they are ready to change it. I typically see a surge in their self-compassion and in motivation for changing their difficult relationships. As my clients put Annie’s strategies into action, they are consistently amazed by how effective the strategies are. Suddenly things feel easier for them. They no longer constantly dread seeing a text come through from a difficult family member. They gain newfound mental bandwidth and just seem lighter, less burdened, and encouraged. It is evident Annie knows her stuff. I am extremely particular when referring my client to resources. I refer my clients to Annie’s work without hesitation.
Samantha B.

Portland, OR

I am currently on the search for a therapist and Annie was extremely supportive on my journey. She was available, curious, and supportive. While I’m not a client, I was taken aback by her consistent communication with me as I navigated dealing with my insurance. I would highly recommend her services.
Sara M.

Berkeley, CA

I saw Annie after a particularly intense breakup when I was struggling to reorient myself while dealing w/a tenuous living situation and difficult (but rewarding) job.

She was amazing. A complete joy to speak to. She met me where I was emotionally and logically rather than trying to force me to conform to her world view (an issue I had with previous therapists and counsellors).

Her empathy and care felt tangible and created a safe space for me to share and feel heard/understood.

Honestly, if I had the money I’d continue to see her weekly for the rest of my life. Just a great addition to my overall wellbeing even after the initial issue was addressed.

Morgan W.

San Francisco, CA

Annie is a sincere and warm hearted person and has a natural ability to connect with people. She is truly dedicated and alive in her own life, and this reflects in her as a professional as well.

I have turned to Annie in one of my toughest and most painful times in life. Her compassion and understanding filled my heart, and her deep response to me was one of the reference points of support that helped me get up everyday and keep working through it.

She allowed me to say something incredibly painful, and she let me know I wasn’t alone. And most of all, she heard me. Somehow her empathy gave my heart a deep acknowledgement it needed. I felt some piece of landing after that.

The gratitude I feel for Annie goes far beyond the meaning of the words, thank you. I would feel absolutely confident sending my daughter, or any family member, to her.

I recommend Annie without hesitation.

Kathleen S.

Victoria, Canada

Annie truly is a gifted, intuitive and amazing therapist.  During our time spent together, we embarked on a journey of self-exploration and unfoldment.  I admired her innate ability to hold the space in a refreshing and warm light – with compassion, heart-centered kindness, empathy and nonjudgment.  Steering away from solely diagnosing and fixing me, Annie allowed my process to unfold organically and naturally as we moved along the continuum of self-discovery without forcing something to happen or striving to arrive at a particular destination.  Swimming in a sea of unresolved woundings and unmet longings, I was broken, forlorn and defeated. The transformative process with Annie allowed us to gradually move from the constricted mind down into the expansive heart – bringing forth profound sense of inner contentment, acceptance, nonattachment and purpose.  Together we have unearthed my peace, love and light within. I cannot thank Annie enough for the time we spent together and know that her heart-centered approach will be a guiding light, helping countless others along their path of self- discovery, healing and wholeness.

Jeff M.

Mill Valley, CA

I have worked with Annie for several years now, and have the utmost respect and appreciation for her in her practice. I find her communication style to be warm when needed, funny when appropriate, diligent in timing, and direct when most helpful. I consider her one of my more helpful resources in life, and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of guidance, support, continuity, or change.

Brook M.

Oakland, CA

Annie is an incredibly intelligent, big-hearted therapist. She deeply cares about the people she works with, brings her whole self to her psychotherapy practice, and genuinely wants to see you shine. She’s easy to talk to and really gets the importance of living a life that’s in alignment with your highest purpose. If you want a powerful, wise, brilliant woman on your team, I definitely recommend choosing Annie as your counselor.


Lauren S.

San Francisco, CA

I love Annie! Every time I speak with her I feel listened to and respected. She has been a valuable confidant and supporter in my process of self discovery.

Autumn W.

San Francisco, CA

I’ve worked with three therapists since I was a high school student and, far and away, working with Annie was the best therapy experience I’ve had!

Hannah G.

El Cerrito, CA

Annie blends professionalism with compassion and walks the profound line between the individual and the communal. Her eye is focused on one person one at a time and yet her vision leads toward health for the whole. I am in awe of her personal integrity and balance, her intelligence, wit, and care. Annie cares. I recommend her whole-heartedly.

Sarah L.

Minneapolis, MN

[I] was immediately struck by her warmth, openness and optimism.  She lights up the room when she enters and her magnetism makes everyone around her feel loved. The care she places on her work is extraordinary – her passion for working with girls and women to help us become whole and achieve our dreams is truly inspiring. Whenever I have the opportunity to sit with Annie, I feel truly heard and inevitably feel better about myself after our time together.

Kathryn G.

Seattle, WA

Annie is so wonderful and I highly recommended anyone needing a little extra support in their lives to reach out to her. You will be in good hands!

Smith G.

San Francisco, CA

Annie has a vital presence that cuts through the mental clutter. She is intuitive and insightful and will not hesitate to communicate what she knows and feels when the timing is right. Annie has an ability to feel and articulate what is not being said. Any individual or couple looking for a straightforward, aligned and gifted therapist is in good hands.

Valerie T.

San Francisco, CA

She has such a warm, positive and joyful presence.  She has the capacity to be present and hold space with what is happening in the moment, as well as advanced skills to navigate challenging emotional territories.  She has high integrity and values, as well as experience with different cultures and perspectives.  I would highly recommend her as a therapist or coach!

Molly H.

Monterey, CA

In addition to having a warm, open personality she is very intelligent, gifted and passionate. 

My trust in Annie began with a large piece of group work where she helped me get in touch with parts of myself that were previously out of reach. My admiration for Annie also developed during that experience and from being in contact with her empathic abilities, collaborative style and overall strength. 

Annie is a fantastic clinician and partner in healing.

David B.

San Francisco, CA

Annie is a wonderful therapist and human being.  I have always been impressed by her intelligence and profound ability to connect to people in a deep and meaningful way.  She is articulate, funny and engaging and passionately cares about the people she works with. Enormously talented, she has also the ability to analyze situations and solve complex issues with warmth and intellect, a rare combination.

Tatyana S.

Pacific Grove, CA

Compassionate, non-judgmental, approachable, safe, stable, secure, honest, caring, empathetic, emotionally intelligent, authentic, and truly committed to helping to alleviate suffering in the world.  These are just some of the things I admire about Annie Wright. She has a gift of really making me feel seen, heard, held, and loved. I highly recommend Annie if you are in search of a therapist who will be a committed partner to your process.

Lucy K.

San Francisco, CA

Annie is a woman with roots. She is deeply grounded and has an empathetic depth matched by very few people I’ve met. She does not shrink from difficult emotions and has incredible capacity to sit with you in the dark spaces, without losing sight of the light. If you are contemplating therapy, call her. She is a gem.

Marissa B.

Oakland, CA

I definitely thought my family dysfunction would be way too hard for this [course] to really make any difference so I figured if it didn’t work with my family it would still be good for work and other relationships. boundaries feel the most difficult with family members but the tools in this class are incredibly useful in less complicated relationships and it’s helping me to learn how to set and hold boundaries when I wasn’t taught how to do it. Getting to learn this with such great support in a warm and soothing environment was just too good of an opportunity to pass up. We have to learn it eventually anyway so might as well do it with a gifted therapist in a cohort of like-minded companions.

I love Annie’s work! She’s warm and encouraging and always make me think. Since she has personal experience with intergenerational trauma, she is uniquely equipped to advise on these challenging and often overlooked topics such as holding boundaries with difficult family members. This re-parenting one’s self is difficult work and I am thankful for kind-hearted souls like Annie who make me feel like I can not only heal but flourish. I only wish I’d found her sooner!

Shenandoah Valley, VA

I consider you to be a new generation Louise Hay. Kind and gentle with helping others to deal with sharp edges from their past!

Kingman, AZ

For a long time I thought that my family of origin was “normal.” But when I got married and started my own family I knew I wanted my children to have a different childhood than mine. Through Annie’s work I have learned what healthy boundaries look like and recognized how dysfunctional my “normal” childhood was. Annie’s work encouraged me to look at difficult family relationships with curiosity and compassion not judgment and I was able to set boundaries with difficult family members. They haven’t changed, but the the trauma of those interactions is less because of my boundaries. My relationships have improved in theory and practice. By setting boundaries with my parents I am much more relaxed when I visit and it no longer takes me weeks to “get over” it.

Augusta, GA

Annie’s work on the identified patient and the commonplace nature of family estrangements gave me permission to release the heaviness and let go of the shame and guilt I’ve been carrying. I’m grateful to her for her wisdom and relatable writing!

Annie helped me – to put it in her words – “fully step into” my life, after helping me escape from a very unhealthy relationship. If I hadn’t moved overseas (a huge life decision that her sessions assisted with immensely), I would have continued my weekly sessions with her indefinitely for my overall mental health. Highly, highly recommended!
Rachel W.

Berkeley, CA

Annie is a strong therapist. Her ability to hold an individual’s experience is tremendous and she does it with kindness and an open heart. She offers a safe place for growth and transformation.
Josh S.

Albany, CA

It’s an absolute pleasure to recommend Annie as a therapist. She’s extremely knowledgeable, and has a kind, warm presence you can feel from the minute you meet her. She provides supportive care designed to help you understand deep family issues, and move beyond older wounds. But she also helps you heal from more present issues, like anxiety and depression. Just spend some time reading through her beautiful writing on a variety of topics — I’m sure you’ll find she’s the therapist for you. Five stars all the way.

Alicia N

Oakland, CA

I worked with Annie for a few years during some really tough times when I was dealing with really bad anxiety and needing to make some major decisions with my life and I’m so grateful I did!

Basically, I was really unhappy in my career and trying to decide between leaving my industry and going back to grad school, plus I was facing the possible end of a relationship and was contemplating moving out of the Bay Area (which I ultimately did). It was a LOT to say the least.

I hadn’t been to therapy before and was a little skeptical and didn’t even know what to look for in a therapist to be honest. But when I first called Annie but she was great at answering all my questions on the call and even took more than the 20 minutes of her free phone consult to take more time to explain to me how therapy worked.

I liked speaking with her, she seemed kind and professional, so I booked a first session with her.

In our sessions, she helped me clarify my goals and name my wants versus my “shoulds” (to use her language) and helped me change my thinking about certain situations and to see that I had more options than I thought. She was great at helping me feel my feelings, sure, but she was even better at helping me change my outlook on my life (specifically in feeling less powerless) and make a plan for moving towards what I wanted.

Long story short, I did leave my job and went back to grad school, moved out of the Bay and found some courage to start dating again. The therapy work wasn’t easy and it wasn’t a silver bullet – I did a lot of work outside of therapy to make these big life changes.

And while I hated having to end my work with Annie because I left California, but she helped me find a new therapist in my new city which was a huge help (starting over with someone can be overwhelming!). I miss my work with her and highly recommend her, especially if you’re a first timer to therapy like I was and are afraid of getting stuck with someone who’s a little too California woo-woo. Annie’s really solid and practical and a good fit if you need someone who’s skilled but also grounded and warm.


Briony P.

Berkeley, CA

Annie has a way of being in the world that is beautifully intuitive, warm, compassionate, and comforting. Yet she can also get right to the heart of an issue with a fierce kindness that few people truly embody. I highly recommend Annie as a therapist and coach. She is one-of-a-kind and actually walks her talk.

Jennifer K.

Portland, OR

Should you have the pleasure of working with Annie, you will experience her keen ability to tune in to people’s experience, hang out with them there with empathy, and gently guide them toward the balance they seek. Her warmth and positive regard are almost palpable. If you are seeking a highly skilled therapist with whom you will feel cared for, I highly recommend Annie.


Nicole G.

Oakland, CA

Anyone looking for trusted guidance and support would be in excellent hands working with Annie.

Kim B.

San Francisco, CA

When my “inner critic” was getting the best of me, Annie’s presence and acceptance helped me tame that voice.  I learned a lot about myself through my relationship with Annie, and I think you will too.
Renee C.

Mendocino, CA

[Annie] is a caring, dedicated and skilled therapist. If you are looking to increase your well-being with the help of a therapist – contact Annie. If you are dealing with relationship problems, depression or anxiety or you want to foster a more loving relationship with your self, increase your self-esteem and/or develop a more positive relationship with food and body image – With Annie you will be in excellent hands.

Hannah G.

San Francisco, CA

Annie has such a warm, authentic presence. I felt immediately comfortable with her the moment I started talking to her.

Lori F.

San Francisco, CA

She is an asset to people who may be seeking career guidance/coaching and also to those whom are working on their identity and levels of awareness, self esteem and confidence. I highly recommend her for her coaching and therapy services.

Natashia F.

Berkeley, CA

I would trust her with my deepest secrets and demons. She is a rare individual with whom you feel completely at ease with. It’s not just her voluminous cache of professional and academic accomplishment and it’s not just that she represents the crest of a movement of independent/strong women who do not allow gender to define who they are as people… but it’s her genuine and sincere approach to creating and nurturing human connection. She wants to help. She wants to make the world a better place on a micro AND macro level. Want to talk to the best, be advised by the best – and feel completely safe and comfortable – then call or visit Annie. Trust her. I do.

Gio R.

Chicago, IL

She is an amazing listener, compassionate, warm, open and very dependable. She is also extremely professional, authentic and did I mention she is so easy to talk to?! I adore Annie and you will too.

Bowerbird P.

San Francisco, CA

As a therapist she is caring and attentive. Annie is incredibly smart and her ideas, suggestions, and guidance have been incredibly helpful over the years. I would highly recommend Annie has a therapist.

Rachel R.

Menlo Park, CA

Annie Wright is warm, open, thoughtful and kind. Add these qualities to her whip-smart intellect and you have an excellent therapist and coach. 

I recommend Annie without reservations.

Julia P.

Santa Cruz, CA

I think she is just marvelous. She is a compassionate and kind and beautiful human being. She is very smart, and cares deeply. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a good psychotherapist.

Brooke M.

Santa Monica, CA

I was initially struck by her unique background. After spending time at Brown, Esalen, in the Peace Corps and at CIIS, she seems to have a very rare – perhaps wider? deeper? more inspiring? – view of creating happiness than most people. To add to that, she really walks her talk. She really is dedicated to exploring and experiencing the healing options she offers, so it seems like she gets things that many therapists may only learn about in a textbook sort of way. This seems to add a lot of practical wisdom to her therapy and coaching style.

Overall – in Annie I think you’ll find a very dedicated ally, with a uniquely uplifting, understanding, realistic perspective. Whether you’re interested in coaching or therapy definitely check her out.

*She is also tapped in to a ton of great resources – particularly on relationship issues, parent-child issues, and building up body love/esteem.

Jennifer K.

Portland, OR

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