For many of us there are times in life that can simply feel really hard, really draining and where it’s almost impossible to imagine that things will ever get better again.

If you’re experiencing one of these tough times yourself, today’s blog post is meant simply to provide you with a boost of spirit-strengthening nourishment, uplifting emotional support, and hearty mental inspiration in the form of 99 handpicked, curated quotes on overcoming adversity, finding hope, and practicing resilience in the face of this mysterious thing called Life.

Bookmark this one for a tough day and share it widely those who may need this support, too. Because, after all, who among us doesn’t go through hard times and require a little extra support, an extra spark for our soul?

And PS: Leave me a message in the comments below to let me know what one favorite quote you would add to this list — the 100th quote of the list.

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